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AWS EC2 Get Console Screenshot

Retrieve a JPG-format screenshot of a running instance to help with troubleshooting.

Browshot Request a screenshot

Screenshots requests to private and shared instances require a positive balance. *IMPORTANT*: Remember that you can only do 100 free screenshots per month. To used a premium instance, use instance_id=65 for example.

Browshot Delete screenshot data

You can delete details of your screenshots to remove any confidential information.

Browshot Host thumbnails on your own S3 account or on Browshot.

You can host screenshots and thumbnails on your own S3 account or on Browshot.

Browshot Get the HTML code

Retrieve the HTML code of the rendered page. This API call should be used when html=1 was specified in the screenshot request.

Browshot Query screenshot status

Once a screenshot has been requested, its status must be checked until it is either "error" or "finished".

Browshot Get information about screenshots

Get information about the last 100 screenshots requested.

Browshot Request multiple screenshots

Request multiple screenshots in one API call. The API call accepts all the parameters supported by screenshot/create. You can specify up to 10 URLs and 10 instances for a total of 100 screenshots in one API call.

Browshot Search for screenshots

Search for screenshots of a specific URL.

Browshot Share a screenshot

You can make your screenshots public, add notes, and share it with your friends and colleagues. Only screenshots which are successfully completed can be shared.n the thumbnail. You can take a 1024x768 screenshot, crop it to 768x768, and get it sca...

Browshot Retrieve a thumbnail image

Unlike the other API calls, this API sends back the thumbnail as a PNG file, not JSON. The HTTP response code indicates whether the screenshot was successful (200), or incomplete (404) or failed (404). If the screenshot failed or is not finished, ... Generate screenshot (browser)

Visits the URL with full browser and creates a screenshot. This request costs 5 credits.

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